What kinds of wraps are offered at The Potting Shed Spa at Blantyre?

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The Potting Shed Spa at Blantyre offers wraps like the Aromatherapy Body Booster, the seasonal organic scrub and wrap and the firming and slimming cellulite treatment with seaweed.

Melanie Nayer

The hot summers and cold winters in New England can wreak havoc on your skin, but a trip to The Potting Shed Spa at Blantyre can help you bounce back from exposure to harsh weather. Choose the 60-minute aromatherapy body booster, which includes an all-over body exfoliation followed by a body wrap and scalp massage with aromatic oils, or the 90-minute hydrating seaweed treatment. The ocean-inspired wrap uses a blend of seaweed extract and natural oils to remove toxins and rejuvenate the skin. The slimming cellulite treatment works to firm the skin — maybe before summer time? — with sacred lotus plant extract, organic green tea and ginger. 

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