Will I be offered a therapist gender choice for my massage or body treatments at The Potting Shed Spa at Blantyre?

Answers from Our Experts (2)

Yes, we offer a therapist gender choice at The Potting Shed Spa at Blantyre.

Melanie Nayer

When you book your massage or body treatment at The Potting Shed Spa at Blantyre, you'll be asked if you prefer a male or female therapist. While some may feel no particular preference one way or another, the spa understands that any treatment is a personal experience, and comfort is key. Be honest with the spa concierge — they’ll make your visit as enjoyable as possible. If you contact the concierge staff at the main house to help with your spa reservation, make sure to let them know if you have a preference so they can let the spa know when they book on your behalf. 

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