What’s the best time to visit The Captain Lord Mansion?

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Melanie Nayer

The best time to visit The Captain Lord Mansion is in the summertime or for fall foliage. With summer and fall being the high seasons in Maine, that’s when you’ll find most people roaming the quaint town of Kennebunkport. Many places are open for business in those seasons (think restaurants, clam shacks, boutiques and bookstores), and there’s always something to do, see, eat and experience in Kennebunkport during these times. It’s also the busiest season for The Captain Lord Mansion, so if you plan to visit during the summer or autumn, it’s best to reserve your rooms well in advance, since accommodations book up fast and all weekends require a minimum two-night stay.

During the high-travel season, you’ll enjoy sailing, hiking to lighthouses, fishing and kayaking. It’s easy to walk around Kennebunkport from The Captain Lord Mansion, especially when the weather is warm and comfortable. You’ll fit right in with the locals, too, because enjoying the outdoors is a way of life for Maine residents.

In the winter months, cuddle up by the fireplace in your guest room or go antiquing at the local boutique shops in town. For a slower pace and a quieter Captain Lord Mansion, book your stay in the winter, when most tourists are back home and Kennebunkport isn’t quite as busy.

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