What is the best food experience in the Kennebunks?

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Melanie Nayer

Maine, including the Kennebunks, is unequivocally known for lobster. When summer rolls around, lobster boats head out into the foggy harbor by the droves to bring back the naturally sweet lobsters that migrate to Maine. Here’s how eating a lobster is done properly in Maine:
Forget all the accompaniments if you’re doing lobster steamed or boiled — breadcrumbs, sauces and spices just ruin the natural taste. Because Maine lobster is sweeter than those you’ll find elsewhere, the best way to eat it is with some melted butter to draw out the sweetness of the meat.

Lemon wedges are always served with lobsters so you can add some tang to your dish, and double as a great way to keep the sticky lobster juice off your hands.
Lobster rolls are an art form in Maine and most New England towns. Lobster meat is chopped up and mixed with mayonnaise and some light spices, typically tarragon and dill. The lobster is served on a toasted hot dog bun, with or without lettuce bed (your choice).
For the best lobster experiences in Kennebunk, head straight to the shore. Get your hands dirty at one of the lobster or crab shacks in Kennebunkport along Dock Square. If you want a more formal lobster dinner, the fine-dining restaurants in town will typically have a lobster dish on the menu, though it will traditionally be served to the chef’s liking and accompanied by an array of sides.

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