What are the best things about Templar Hotel?

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There are many things to love about Templar Hotel, including the hotel’s amenities, the uniquely personalized service and the stellar location. But here are our favorites:

1. Monk lounge. The on-property lounge at Templar is part bar and part relaxing living room. With comfortable leather banquettes, Honduran Ipe floors spiced up with embedded cowhide mosaics and an oversized bookshelf on one side, Monk Lounge is a perfectly comfortable place to unwind after a long day in the city. Here, a hotel staff member will happily mix any drink you can dream up, from a straightforward scotch on the rocks to that complex, sugary pick-me-up you’ve been craving. Your wish is their cocktail command!

2. The customized dining experience. Both in your guest room and at the chic Monk Restaurant, the dining experience at Templar is designed around you from start to finish. Rather than working from a traditional menu, the kitchen masterminds at Monk will ask you your preferences, dislikes and allergies, and, based on what’s fresh and best that day, whip up something great to fit your mood just right. Whether you’re craving Asian flavors like teriyaki chicken or a simple sautéed vegetable medley, the chefs here will surely hit the mark. We’d say it feels more like having a personal chef than a night in a restaurant — and there’s nothing wrong with feeling a little pampered, right?

3. Free hotel-wide Wi-Fi. When traveling away from home, staying in touch is so important, and the folks at Templar wouldn’t want to stand in your way. That’s why the hotel’s wireless Internet is free to all guests — in guest rooms, in the lobby and in Monk lounge. So whether you’re doing work in your room or browsing the latest headlines from your phone over a cocktail, you’ll never feel out of touch while on the Templar property. 

4. Onsen spa. Set to open by June 2013, the Onsen spa offers a truly luxurious experience. When booking any spa treatment — and we do mean anything, from a simple manicure to full body massage — you’re also reserving the spa’s relaxation facilities all to yourself. Think custom soaking tub that’s split into a hot and cold section (Onsen means “hot springs” in Japanese), outdoor garden swimming pool, lounge, and more, all to enjoy in the tranquility of ultimate privacy.

5. The unbeatable location. Toronto has many interesting neighborhoods, but none offer the energy and convenience like the heart of downtown. Located just steps from both King and Queen Streets, Templar offers the accessibility to stores like Zara and Aritizia as well as to strings of Italian, Japanese and pub-style eateries. Just a few blocks farther down the road you’ll find the renowned CN Tower, the ultimate Toronto sightseeing destination.

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