What is the design style of The Adelaide Hotel, Toronto?

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The style of The Adelaide Hotel, Toronto is deluxe, urban and modern, softened with classic touches of glamour that hearken back to the Golden Age of Hollywood. In fact, it wouldn’t be amiss to envision Cary Grant or Grace Kelly walking into the black marble lobby, lingering by the reception desk to admire the wall-sized cherry blossom sculpture made of more than 6 million carats of Czech crystals, and then swishing upstairs to their suite.

The designers’ color palette of caviar and champagne — the darkness of smooth black marble, contrasted against the frothy effervescence of white and pink accents — is seen throughout the luxury hotel. On the 31st floor, enjoy a late-afternoon pedicure in a comfy black leather chair in the spa; the next morning, swim laps in a shimmering, 61-foot pool as the sunrise gradually lights up the paler tones of saltwater, sandstone and white chaise loungers.

Throughout the hotel, you’ll find tiny pops of color: a single purple orchid on a side table, the pink tones of a cherry blossom photo hanging above a bed, or the glittering wall mosaic in the entrance driveway made up of thousands of colored glass pieces, stone and gold tiles. Overall, the designers have created a soothing and calming palette that ranges from stark black in a small kitchen to the gleaming white bathroom and the softer tones of buff and gray in the guest suites and communal areas in the Toronto hotel.

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