What is the average price of a room at Four Seasons Hotel Vancouver?

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Vancouver is the mildest city in Canada, which explains why the rates at Four Seasons Hotel Vancouver don’t vary too much throughout the year. That being said, you will find at least a small change in price when it comes to a weekday visit versus a weekend stay. From September through June, the price of the rooms goes up during the workweek. While the standard rooms start at $285 from Monday through Thursday, you can expect these same rooms to slightly drop to $275 for the weekend. During those same months, the most indulgent suite at the Vancouver hotel can cost up to $1,750.

During the warmer months, expect rates to be higher at the Forbes Travel Guide Five-Star hotel, with the standard rooms starting at $355 during the week. As far as that uber-suite goes, come springtime, the rate leaps up to $2,750 a night.

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