What are five things to know about Hawksworth Restaurant?

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Hoping to have your next meal at Hawksworth Restaurant? Here are five things to know:

1. Make reservations! One of Vancouver’s busiest fine-dining restaurants, on a Monday at lunch you’ll find the dining room full of movers and shakers. Dinner is busy as well, so do make a reservation to avoid being left out in the cold (or in this case, the lobby).

2. And that lobby belongs to the Rosewood Hotel Georgia, where Hawksworth Restaurant makes its home. The completely renovated hotel has been brought back to its former glory, and Hawksworth Restaurant has been a huge part of the reinvention of one of Vancouver’s oldest and most loved hotels.

3. While the hotel is a classic, the design of Hawksworth Restaurant is ambitiously modern. There are dining rooms that are distinct yet complementary: The first-floor York Room has a 1920s feel; the Bar & Lounge offers wide leather couches and a polished bar; a shimmering Pearl Room comes complete with white banquettes and a dazzling chandelier that reflects light from every direction; and the sophisticated Art Room’s custom installation by renowned Vancouver contemporary artist Rodney Graham almost upstages the food.

4. Oh, the food. Inspired and refined, this is beyond West Coast fare, but it’s not a fussy collection of trendy ingredients either. Instead, the dishes are loaded with local, sustainable elements cooked with great attention to flavor – from the much-buzzed-about pacific sablefish with lap cheong, soy braised daikon, pickled shiitake and crispy yam to inventive, seasonal dishes like winter fingerling potato salad with compressed apple, Manchego and truffle.

5. Raise a glass, because the wine menu is dizzyingly varied. Thankfully, there are up to five sommeliers on staff to guide you to a great pick. And for a pre-meal cocktail, go for one of the complex house cocktails made with fresh herbs and house-made bitters, like the hotel georgia (plymouth gin, orgeat, fresh lemon juice, orange blossom water, egg white). If a spirits-free meal is in order, Hawksworth Restaurant is one of the few fine dining spots that offer a Zero Proof pairing menu.

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