Does Yew Seafood and Bar have a bar?

Answers from Our Experts (1)

Yes, Yew Seafood and Bar has a bar, and it’s a pretty impressive one at that. With 40-foot ceilings, it climbs pretty high, with shelves supporting numerous bottles and even several small kegs of whisky. Belly up and watch the bartenders concoct various classic and seasonal cocktails, many of which have been invented on site. You can wander to the beaches of Cuba with a caipirinha, or embrace B.C. and have the Vancouver Cocktail, which is a mix of Plymouth gin, Punt e Mes, Dom Benedictine and orange bitters and dates back to the Silvia Hotel lounge circa 1955. The bar also boasts hundreds of bottles of wine and champagne, which are used as part of the décor in the semi-private wine room at the center of the restaurant.

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