What is the best way to see Warsaw in one day?

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Joseph Reaney

There’s more to see in Warsaw than you can tackle in a single day, but if you’re willing to wake up early, go to bed late and do a lot of walking, here’s Forbes Travel Guide’s editors’ one-day itinerary:
Start your morning with an early breakfast in Castle Square, in the shadow of the red-brick Royal Castle — once the official residence of the Polish monarchs. Once you’re done, head down the famous Krakowskie Przedmieście street and spend the rest of the morning following the famous Royal Route, passing highlights including Tyszkiewicz Palace, Carmelite Church, the Presidential Palace, Triple Cross Square and Ujazdów Castle en route to Wilanów (once the residence of King Jan III Sobieski, this spectacular building is known as “The Polish Versailles”).
Spend a more relaxing afternoon in one of Warsaw’s many museums — the Centre for Contemporary Art if you’re an art lover, or the Museum of Independence if you’re a history buff — then watch the sun set from the viewing platform at the Palace of Culture and Science. In the evening, settled in for a traditional Polish dinner at U Fukiera, then enjoy a cold beer in one of the secret bars on the Nowy Świat thoroughfare. If you’re still not ready for bed, dance the night away in the hotspot Praga neighborhood.

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