What’s the best table at Plume?

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Jeffersonian touches are apparent at every table at Plume, the fine dining restaurant at the Forbes Travel Guide Five-Star Jefferson, Washington, D.C. hotel. You’ll find small silver birds representing the former president's love of the creatures, but nowhere has he influenced the design more than at Table 10 — the Five-Star restaurant's best. 
Known as "The Nest," this semicircular booth is set into the wall in a curtained-off, curved library. (The books aren't real — just the spines of ones you'll find in Jefferson's library at Monticello.) The table sits beneath an enormous crystal chandelier that was once at the nearby Willard InterContinental Washington hotel, a favorite of presidents past in the weeks before their inaugurations. A seat at this romantic spot is tough to come by, so be prepared to make a reservation at least two months in advance.

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