What is the cell phone policy at Mayflower Spa?

Answers from Our Experts (1)

You are asked not to bring your cell phone into Mayflower Spa. The Forbes Travel Guide Soon-To-Be-Rated spa encourages you to disconnect during your stay. However, exceptions can be made and the spa staff is flexible. If there is something urgent or if you are expecting a call from work and would like to be interrupted, you can take that call in a private consultation room, and then be whisked back into your treatment room.
There is, however, limited cell phone service on the property. Only AT&T users currently have cell phone service at Mayflower Inn & Spa. While this may not be for everyone, we like that you can truly disconnect amidst the Connecticut countryside at the charming inn. Mayflower Spa is a sanctuary of peace and quiet — a place for you to unplug and unwind. Nothing would be more out of place than the sound of a cell phone ring tone. You’d do best to leave your phone in your locker or, better yet, your hotel room. It will likely not work anyway.
You may even be asked to put that iPad away if you’re doing something work-related, as it may affect another guest’s experience. (For instance, the person sitting next to you may start thinking about her emails instead of her deep relaxation.)

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