What is the design style of The Fort Garry Hotel?

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Robyn Hanson

The design style of The Fort Garry Hotel is luxurious old-world charm. Architecturally, it’s one of the most stunning examples of grand railway chateaus in Canada, and this era inspires the design within.

Walking up the marble stairs into the grand lobby, there’s an inherent timelessness to The Fort Garry. Whether it’s the golden light glowing off the white marble floors, the dark wood accents, the bronze banisters or the regal crests, there’s an immediate feeling of 1913 grandeur. This design style is continued in the legendary Palm Lounge, where an exquisite ovoid ceiling draws the eye upward to a crystal chandelier, cascading down around the periphery that spills with natural light from the windows. It’s fair to call The Palm Lounge’s design awe-inspiring.

The design style of the Winnipeg hotel’s guest rooms evokes the same 1913 era, but in a subtler fashion. Antique-style furnishings, traditional floral wallpapers and vintage detailing replace the marble grandeur of the lobby. While the furnishings may not impress those seeking cutting-edge style, they completely suit The Fort Garry’s personality as a historic luxury château.

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