What’s the best time to visit The Fort Garry Hotel?

Answers from Our Experts (1)

Robyn Hanson

The Fort Garry Hotel is inherently cozy and would make an ideal romantic getaway in the colder months. It would also deliver an enchanting stay for those seeking a traditional Canadian white Christmas. For those wishing to explore the city, the best time to visit The Fort Garry is in the summer months. One could argue that Winnipeg is best visited between June and September during the festival season, as it’s then when the city truly shines. Folklorama takes over the city in early August with its multitude of ethnic pavilions showcasing the world’s food and music, celebrating Winnipeg’s multiculturalism. Love theater? Visit in mid-July during the Winnipeg Fringe Fest, when the nearby theater venues are buzzing with independent productions. Want to escape the wedding crowds that befall The Fort Garry Hotel each weekend? Visit during midweek.

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