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Sharecare's VERIFIED™ solution makes it easy for guests and travel advisors to see that your hotel is maintaining the right health security measures, verified by a trusted third party.

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1 >> Fill out the form on this page to designate your Readiness Manager. This is the person who is responsible for answering the health security questions.

2 >> We will email login credentials to your Readiness Manager within 3-5 business days.

3 >> The easy-to-use online chatbot walks through the standards step-by-step. Most hotels complete their initial verification within a few hours to a few days. Monthly compliance checks take about an hour a month.

4 >> When you become VERIFIED™, we will send your badge and you will be listed at


Pricing is based on room count, at $1 USD per room per month, with a minimum of $150/month. For Forbes Travel Guide Global Partners, there is no charge for your VERIFIED™ badge in 2021.

For group pricing of 10 hotels or more, please contact us.


For an overview of health security, visit

Our 15-minute webinar offers a tour of the platform and more details.

Get a quick summary of health security in our 90-second video below:

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