Andrea's at Wynn Palace Macau

Regional Chinese cuisine in a modern spot
Andrea’s is one of the five fine-dining restaurants inside the new Wynn Palace in Macau. Serving regional Chinese dishes with a contemporary twist, this elegant spot is helmed by chef de cuisine Shi Wei Dong. 

Although the parasol mosaic that welcomes you to Andrea’s doesn't really allude to the dishes on offer, it does reflect the luxurious nature of the restaurant. Somewhat understated, if only compared to the wider Wynn Palace resort, the interior of Andrea’s is calming thanks to the cream and beige tones throughout.

As tranquil as this color palette makes the restaurant feel, a show kitchen adds some flair as chefs from across China prepare dishes from their own regions. 

A reinvention of its namesake restaurant in Las Vegas, Andrea’s has a marble and leather bar just inside where you are invited to enjoy a drink while waiting for a table.
Our Inspector's Highlights
  • At Andrea’s, the menu features authentic dishes from across China. Along with regional cuisine, there also is a selection of fusion dishes, such as the Maine lobster poached in a Sichuan chili broth.
  • A very Las Vegas-style addition to Andrea’s is the show kitchen. Both entertaining and giving a sense of reassurance that you can see exactly what is happening, the open kitchen allows you to watch the chefs theatrically prepare your meal.
  • Andrea’s six private rooms offer a more intimate dining experience.
  • Though the look and feel of this establishment are exceptional, Andrea’s tea menu may be its most memorable aspect. From scented jasmine pearl to lychee black and white peony, the vibrant roster pours with potential.
Things to Know
  • The list of Asian-inspired cocktails that have been designed to complement the food are finished tableside, so order one for your own private little show.
  • With just 88 seats in the main dining room, it is advisable to book in advance, particularly at periods of traditionally high occupancy in Macau.
  • Children are welcome at Andrea’s, but all guests are required to dress in a refined style. That means trousers, closed shoes and sleeves for men.
The Food
  • There are several dishes that don’t include meat or fish, such as the Sichuanese rolled cucumbers and the asparagus and bamboo pith, but strict vegetarians should ask about the cooking method to ensure broth and the like are also meat free.
  • Andrea’s isn’t only for large-scale meals. Peruse the Small Bites section of the menu, which includes Shanghainese shu mai (steamed dumplings) and waygu pot stickers, if you want a lighter meal. 
  • The restaurant doesn’t shy away from the controversial shark fin. Indeed, it takes pride in offering it as a chef’s selection. At Andrea’s, it is simmered with crab roe.
  • Try the Australian rock lobster prepared one of two ways: steamed with Shanghainese rice wine or poached with green pickled chili and fresh Sichuan pepper.
  • Carnivores will want to order the beef ribs, slow-cooked in lotus leaf for 36 hours. The tender meat comes with spring onion pancakes.
The Design
  • A custom wall at the entrance features a parasol created from colorful glass mosaic tiles, while an intimate five-seat semi-circular marble and leather bar to the left of the entrance provides room to relax before entering the restaurant. 
  • The contemporary sensibility of Andrea’s is reflected in the design. Leather and gold doors, marble floors inset with gold carpet, and a butterfly mosaic behind the small bar are relatively subtle yet luxurious touches.
  • Named for Steve Wynn’s wife, Andrea’s was designed by hospitality experts Rockwell Group from New York City.
Kid friendly
Private dining
Reservations recommended
Resort casual
Valet parking
Getting There
Avenida da Nave Desportiva, Cotai, Macau
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