Gotham Bar and Grill

Inspired edible elegance in Greenwich Village
Gotham Bar and Grill opened in 1984 and proves that, just like bangs and skinny jeans, some holdovers from the ’80s just get trendier with age. 

Acclaimed chef Alfred Portale is a perfectionist who pioneered architecturally inspired food presentation. His edible compositions — the roasted Maine lobster is presented with lobster claws wrapped around the tail, which sit atop spaghetti squash along with potato purée and toasted brussels sprout halves — are the stuff of true epicurean delight.

Bright and airy with stylish, silk-draped lighting and not a hint of vanity, this landmark feels like a comfortable pair of jeans, albeit with a high-end designer label. As charming as it is pristine, the interior design at Gotham Bar and Grill is in a class all its own. There’s something inspiring about the New York restaurant’s ability to pull off a sense of informal elegance.
Our Inspector's Highlights
  • Expect to be taken care of at every moment. The hostess is charming and friendly. Service at the table is efficient and smooth, all setting the tone for one of the finest outings that Greenwich Village has to offer.
Things to Know
  • The menu follows an American sensibility, but one that’s built around relaxed elegance and fresh and flavorful ingredients.
  • The décor at the Forbes Travel Guide Four-Star restaurant is elaborate and tasteful, featuring white linen tablecloths in the main dining room, gorgeous flowers on display throughout the restaurant and high ceilings decorated with billowing fabric chandeliers.
  • The restaurant’s art collection is also quite impressive. Don’t be surprised when you spot original works of art by legends including Andy Warhol, Diane Arbus and Steve Richter to name a few.
  • At Gotham Bar and Grill, the service is professional and relaxed at the same time, two qualities that rarely go hand-in-hand when it comes to fine dining.
The Food
  • The menu at Gotham Bar and Grill is updated seasonally, which is a quality that makes it hard to pinpoint which dishes are the best to order.
  • Still, there are some favorites from the kitchen. For instance, the yellow fin tuna tartare is a dish that has been on the menu for more than 20 years. Executive chef Alfred Portale introduced this long before other restaurants were experimenting with raw seafood.
  • Any of the pasta dishes are also considered a staple at the eatery, especially the Maine ruby red shrimp risotto.
The Chef
  • Chef Portale took over this New York restaurant in 1985.
  • He is committed to delivering the best in protein and produce that he can find from small farms and specialty purveyors around the world.
  • Portale uses classic French techniques to enhance the flavors of traditional items featured on the menu. His goal is not to mask or overwhelm the taste of the main ingredient on your plate, but instead to create the perfect sauce or find just the right vegetables to accompany each dish.
Getting There
12 East 12th Street, New York, New York 10003
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