The Cove

Idaho's rustic spa retreat
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Whether you’ve exhausted yourself on the ski slopes, spent the day scaling mountains or whiled away the hours playing 18 holes of golf, you’re not going to want to miss the amenities in The Cove, an authentic McCall spa at Shore Lodge.

Feeling both Old West rustic and modern at the same time, The Cove manages to pamper guests with contemporary touches such as cucumber and herb-infused water to counter the heat from the de-stressing immersion pools, each shaped to look like natural hot springs, complete with large granite boulders. While the overall space is not large, it’s been outfitted well. With an array of bathroom toiletries, steam showers and an attentive-yet-invisible staff available to answer any need, The Cove provides the ultimate private and uniquely tailored spa experience.
Our Inspector's Highlights
• Historically inspired accents such as lantern sconces and oversized iron spigots that pump a constant stream of hot water into the immersion pools lend a rustic feel to the Central Idaho retreat. 

• Whenever you decide to visit, the friendly staff will work with your schedule and requests to ensure you experience the highest level of pampering.

• Massages, facials and manicures/pedicures feature eco-friendly, organic and all-natural products, proving the spa’s commitment to a healthy environment inside and out. 

• Though a handful of options are already provided for each kind of treatment, you truly come first at The Cove and they pride themselves on offering a customized experience.

• Named after some of Idaho’s most well-known mountains, Daily Excursions are a mix of spa treatments, ranging from the Jughandle Mountain massage and facial combo, which takes approximately two hours, to the aptly named Borah Peak (after Idaho’s tallest mountain), a six-hour jaunt through all the spa’s amenities that includes a healthy lunch by the pools.
Things to Know
• Located in the main lodge, you can walk to the McCall spa from your rooms without having to go outside — or even changing out of your luxurious robe.

• The best way to get an appointment at the full-service spa is to call the spa directly.

• If you’re staying at the lodge, you can also have the concierge arrange your treatment time.

• The spa is open daily, although hours fluctuate, depending on the season.

• Just like all mountain resort communities, McCall experiences quieter times in the spring and fall, or shoulder season, as they’re called. The spa’s hours may be a little more limited then, but McCall is usually less crowded and more relaxing, which makes the off-season quite soothing.
The Treatments
• This relatively small boutique spa offers a rather wide variety of massages and treatments.

• The regular visitor to the grand lodge is often drawn to the area’s abundant outdoor recreational opportunities. Needless to say, the staff at The Cove is used to handling bodies that could use some attention after a day of hiking, skiing or swinging the club at the Whitetail Club Golf Course.

• Choose from from full-body relaxation to robust, post-exertion massages.

• Heated stone massages and specialized services, including pressure point foot massage, may also be requested.

• For those looking to up the pampering ante even more, facials, pedicures and manicures, and body waxing treatments are also listed as options on the menu.
The Facilities
• The whole facility is awash in relaxing warm wood accents and it’s not too big, ensuring you have a cozy, intimate time. 

• Sitting in the outside pool made to look like a natural hot spring, gazing at the outside fire pit, you almost feel as if you’re one with the wilderness.

• Luckily, the poolside service and fluffy big towels bring you right back to the real-world pampering. 
Getting There
501 West Lake Street, McCall, Idaho 83638
The Cove
The Cove
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