The Spa At The Bellmoor

The Spa At The Bellmoor is a convenient amenity found at The Bellmoor Inn & Spa, one of the finest properties in Rehoboth Beach, Delaware. The charming seaside hotel’s spa offers a homey, family-friendly atmosphere and an exhilarating menu of available services.

Receptionists and therapists will be professional but laidback, as you would expect the demeanor to be in a beach town. Staffer decorum is just one of the aspects enhancing the overall experience at The Bellmoor, a relaxing property that feels miles from worry even though it’s mere walking distance from the Atlantic Ocean and a host of restaurants and retail spaces.
Our Inspector's Highlights
• The interior design has a clean, modern feel. This is clearly felt in the use of gold wallpaper echoing throughout the facility.

• Contrary to the design of the hotel, which follows a traditional, English countryside inn approach, the spa is light and airy, without much regard given to a particular time period.

• To break up the small seating area at the entrance of the Rehoboth Beach spa, there is a paneled folding screen for privacy.

• The sight of neutral colors and white cabinetry in the treatment rooms also helps in setting a serene mood before your service.

• Robes and one-size-fits-all slippers at The Spa At The Bellmoor are automatically provided and folded in each locker.
Things to Know
• Scheduling a service at the spa is easy and quite accommodating, which is great for a family or couple whose vacation plans prove fluid.

• The Rehoboth Beach spa is just a short walk down the deck stairs to one of the best features of the inn: a verdant garden courtyard.

• The provided spa garments are optional for guests; those who choose not to use them can keep their regular clothes on.
The Treatments
• It's easy to abuse your feet and other body parts in the elements, but you can heal them with the Leaping Lemongrass Reflexology Treatment. Lemongrass, peppermint, sage and tea tree oils are used to relieve tension.

• Chocolate/Raspberry Sugar Scrub is a blend of essential oils is used with brown cane sugar to soften the skin. The service is topped by a shea butter application.

• The classic manicure exfoliates the hands while working on wrinkles and sun damage.

• Let a therapist guide you to a quiet, private space where she will work with warm stones to ease your feet and calves during the Signature Stone Pedicure.

•  The Rehoboth Beach spa’s ComeClean Facial calls for facial steaming, a skin-specific mask and a neck, shoulder and arm massage.
The Facilities
• After your treatment, make the short walk down the deck stairs to the hotel's beautiful courtyard space.

• In the courtyard lies a shallow adults-only quiet pool.

• In addition to the in-spa waiting area, guests can also enjoy easy access to the fitness center located just outside of the spa.
Getting There
6 Christian Street, Rehoboth Beach, Delaware 19971