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Serenity and rejuvenation in Okinawa
Okinawans have one of the longest life expectancies in the world. Researchers from around the globe have studied the chain of subtropical islands to discover its secret: a combination of nutrition, exercise, climate and spiritual health allows many locals to live well past 100.

Wellness Thalasso helps you find your own elixir of health and serenity. Nutritious cuisine, fitness offerings, luxurious massages and unique seawater therapies all combine to provide relaxation for both your muscles and mind.

The oceanfront Okinawa spa employs marine mud, algae paste, seawater and the salty air to stimulate your body’s natural self-healing abilities. All treatments are designed to work in tandem with aquarobic exercise in the seawater pool.

The exclusivity of the spa, its gorgeous ocean views and exemplary, personalized service make Wellness Thalasso a serene experience.
Our Inspector's Highlights
  • An instructor will guide you through the various treatments available in the Thalasso seawater pool. Aqua massage jets, gentle currents and numerous temperature zones allow for both exercise and relaxation.
  • Ease muscle tension and relieve stress with a visit to the dry sauna or head to the hammam to boost your metabolism and eliminate toxins.
  • The aerosol napping room envelops you in a seawater mist with elements of mint, lemongrass, citrus and Okinawan getto leaves for a relaxing respiratory cleansing session. 
  • A small spa boutique offers a range of body care products along with souvenirs like charming teapots.
  • Recharge between treatments with a light snack or herbal tea at Thalasso Café.
Things to Know
  • Your experience begins with a personal wellness consultation with your therapist so that she can customize your treatment to best suit your needs.
  • The luxury spa is only available to those who are over the age of 13. This helps maintain an atmosphere of calm throughout the facility.
  • Per Japanese etiquette, guests with visible tattoos are not allowed to use the pool or spa facilities. However, the spa will provide coverings for those who have discernable ink.
  • To use the facilities, bring a one-piece swimsuit. Bikinis don’t work well with the pool’s pressurized jets. If you wear contact lenses, pack goggles to protect your eyes from the jets.
The Treatments
  • Hydrotherapy treatments harness the power of seawater and aqua massage to reduce muscle tension and improve circulation.
  • A variety of body wraps feature nutrient-rich algae extracts and plants grown on the Okinawan islands to help hydrate and soften your skin.
  • Ayurvedic programs balance the three doshas (the energies believed to circulate in the body and control physiological activity) using warm oils and massage to release tension and relax stiff muscles.
  • The body conditioning massage uses seaweed extracts and aromatic oils to soothe away the strains of everyday life.
  • Results-oriented facials feature Thalgo products to purify, hydrate and tone the skin.
The Facilities
  • The small but immaculate training room has two treadmills and three stationary bikes overlooking the pool.
  • The training room’s adjoining yoga space looks out across the azure ocean, with individual instruction provided upon request.
  • As a guest of The Terrace Club at Busena, you’ll have access to the exclusive Terrace Club Pool as well as the indoor and outdoor pools of the resort complex.
  • The small library provides a quiet place to relax between treatments and has a selection of magazines and books in Japanese and English.
Getting There
1750 Kise, Nago, Okinawa 905-0026 Japan
Wellness Thalasso
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