Spa InterContinental

Serious relaxation in Shanghai
When you come upon Spa InterContinental, you’ll know you’re in for some serious relaxation. The gray marble circular entryway frames a brick path lined with a forest of deep-brown, bamboo-like rods.

The interior is all about flowing lines and soothing textures. When gazing down the arches of the hallways upon entering the relaxing spa, you’ll be immediately impressed. Sandstone, wood and bamboo are incorporated in beautifully symmetrical patterns, and the Zen gardens with smooth rocks and benches create a contemporary yet traditional haven from all stressors. The furnishings are plush and comfortable with oversize armchairs for foot massages, trays for snacks and drinks, dark curtains and sconces that provide just enough lighting.
Our Inspector's Highlights
• The waiting area at the hotel sanctuary has running water features and natural elements that will make you feel immediately relaxed.

• Walk between circular archways and admire driftwood sculptures while listening to gentle music and smelling the reenergizing aromatic oils that fill the air with their fragrance.

• Relax on benches topped with throw pillows and enjoy a cup of tea in the softly lit den while you wait to be taken to your treatment room.

• You’ll feel as though you’re being wrapped in a cloud when putting on a soft velour robe once your appointment ends. Silk Japanese robes are also available for those who want to wear a lighter garment while lounging.

• The wellness area provides spa-goers with exquisite views of the Huangpu River, further establishing the calmness of the space.
Things to Know
• You should arrive early for an appointment so that you can take full advantage of the calming common space and immerse yourself in a state of complete relaxation even before entering the treatment room.

• Inside the 11 neutral-hued treatment rooms, go for one of the Yin (a multi-pronged treatment to help you relax) or Yang (one that peps you up) rituals.

• While there is no separate shop for you to purchase products at Spa InterContinental, if you head into the waiting room of the immaculate spa, you’ll find several aromatic oils and scrubs on display.
The Treatments
• One of two signature Yin and Yang packages, the Yin Ritual combines traditional Chinese medicine (TCM) with a Western influence to energize, relax and nurture body, mind and soul. The treatment includes massage, a body scrub, a body wrap and specially blended tea.

• The Yin Ritual’s complement is the Yang Ritual. This treatment energizes you by stimulating blood flow and circulation and clearing any blockages with a warming body exfoliation, body wrap and massage.

• If you’re looking to minimize fine lines and wrinkles as well as hydrate your skin, the caviar luxe anti-aging mask is the mask you should get.

• The aromatherapy hydrating facial with water lily is a great massage to get after winter to restore hydration to your skin before heading into spring.

• The nature of traditional Chinese massage targets pressure points to stimulate the body, correct physiological imbalances and cease blockages. It’s the perfect massage to get while in China to get your body rebalanced.
The Facilities
• Elements of running water are incorporated throughout the Zen spa facility.

• Inside the treatment rooms are personal showers tiled in soothing grays and blues.

• In the lavish spa’s locker rooms, you’ll also find a sauna, steam room, pool and whirlpool. You can avoid sliding around by slipping on a pair of shower sandals before wrapping yourself up in a white robe and comfy towels after a nice hot shower.

• Semi-private chaise lounges and reading areas at the allow you to further unwind post-treatment, gazing out at beautiful views of the Huangpu River and Nanpu Bridge.

• Various natural elements — driftwood sculptures, plants, flowing water features — will make you feel as though you’ve entered a Zen garden where time is limitless and stress no longer matters.
Getting There
1188 Xueye Road, Shanghai, China
Spa InterContinental
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