Ladera Resort Saint Lucia

An authentic St. Lucian paradise
Honeymooners flock to Ladera Resort Saint Lucia resort for an authentic local experience. The relaxing getaway, which is found right outside of the town of Soufrière, is set at 1,100 feet above the Caribbean Sea. Situated with views of the mountainous volcanic peaks known as the Gros Piton and the Petit Piton, the property seamlessly blends its natural surroundings and sharp service.

The 15-acre property, which was once part of one of the oldest cocoa plantations in Soufrière, offers 37 suites — each with a private pool. Every suite comes with an open wall so you can delight in the beautiful views of everything from the lush rainforest to the gorgeous shades of blue in the Caribbean Sea.

You will also have access to a wide range of activities, including cooking classes at the luxury hotel’s Dasheene restaurant, rainforest walks with a local guide or daytrips to St. Lucia’s capital, Castries.
Things to Know
  • What makes Ladera unique is its ability to offer you a true Caribbean experience.
  • Each piece of furniture found on the property has been handmade by master craftsman and property manager, Eustace Augustin.
  • The handy St. Lucian is responsible for the wood tabletops seen in Dasheene restaurant, the front and back bed boards in the suites, the coffee tables and more. Using a combination of mahogany, red cedar, pitch pine, blue mahoe, and green and purple heartwood from the forest, Augustin and his team make everything onsite at Ladera.
  • And if you’re staying in the resort’s Paradise Ridge suites (more on this later), you can purchase items like a bedside lamp stand from its signature Honeymoon Collection and have them shipped to your home.
The Restaurant
  • Savor open-air dining at Ladera’s restaurant Dasheene. Named after the dasheen leaf, which is grown locally on the island, the establishment prides itself on creating local dishes using ingredients from its very own botanical garden.
  • Expect that any dish coming out of chef Nigel Mitchel’s kitchen will be fresh and native to the land. Beef, lamb and shrimp are the only goods that get imported.
  • Open for breakfast, lunch and dinner, the restaurant serves items like the St. Lucian Creole breakfast (roasted bakes — a delicious flatbread — saltfish, sweet peppers, cucumber salad) to the plantain gratin with coconut-rum sauce.
  • While at Dasheene, you might notice a water gun on your table. This playful tool is provided for you to protect your meal from the birds, as they might stop by for a little snack.
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Getting There
Rabot Estate, Soufrière, Saint Lucia, West Indies
UVF  (50 min)   SLU  (1 hr 25 min)  
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