Imperial Court at MGM Macau (Upscale Dining)

A serving of Cantonese opulence

Before you take even the first steps inside Forbes Travel Guide Five-Star MGM MACAU’s Imperial Court, you feel a certain mystique and prestige around the restaurant. The fact that this institution of authentic Cantonese fare sits adjacent to the hotel’s VIP lounge explains some of the elevated energy. Walk inside and your senses are met with art installations and a stunning marble column with a dragon — a symbol of power and good fortune — swirling around it in the room’s center. Colorful chargers and stark-white tablecloths also help set a mood long before the food arrives.

Truthfully, you could look in any number of directions for sensory sparks here, but the one place where everyone’s journey always seems to end up is the massive menu, which showcases culinary creativity and craftsmanship.

Our Inspector's Highlights

  • Imperial Court is appropriately nestled in the hotel’s majestic VIP Lobby, which was designed to resemble a garden with colossal emerald walls and gold-leaf ceiling to mimic the golden sunlight. A feast for the eyes begins upon arrival at the restaurant as you are greeted by a stunning floral arrangement.
  • While the dragon column is the room’s conversation starter, we know your party will have more than a few kind words to say about fabulous floral arrangements and decorative glass ornaments at the table. The Macau restaurant uses exquisite Liuli (a traditional colored glass used by ancient Chinese royal families) tableware, including napkin rings and the chopstick stands.
  • One of the hits on the menu is the wok-fried French blue lobster with minced pork, black bean and garlic. It’s served with perfectly scrambled eggs that get a boost from the sublime lobster.
  • Meticulously crafted dim sum is a diner favorite. Try the barbecued pork buns — sweet, golden buns with a crumbly crust encasing Berkshire pork — and the steamed pork dumplings — which are stuffed with Berkshire pork and fish maw.
  • If your group craves more intimacy, reserve one of the six private rooms at the Macau restaurant. Each private dining room adopts a different color tone reflected through the tabletop Liuli ornaments and the graceful carpet. Spaces are partitioned with floor-to-ceiling dividers, creating their own culinary world for a few hours.

The Food

  • The dim sum set is a crowd-pleaser. Choose among steamed seafood dumplings, pan-fried beef buns, shrimp-packed rice flour rolls and more.
  • Imperial Court presents classic Cantonese dishes magnificently well. Six hour air-dried free-range chicken, roasted with organic flaxseeds, is a standout. The traditional suckling pig, Cantonese stir-fried almond cream and egg white, and wok-fried cubed A5 Omi wagyu beef also make for delicious experiences.
  • Where many restaurants tease your sweet tooth with just a handful of dessert options, this establishment holds nothing back on its abundant selections. The baked butterfly puff with mango lava is a revelation — hundreds of paper-thin layers of laminated dough hide a molten lava filling made with fresh Carabao mangoes.

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Getting There
MGM MACAU, Avenida Dr. Sun Yat Sen, NAPE, Macau
Imperial Court at MGM Macau (Upscale Dining)
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