What are the five best Albuquerque food experiences?

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If you asked a New Mexican what the five best food experiences in Albuquerque are, he’d probably just say “green chile” five times — but there’s a little bit more than that to try. Here are Forbes Travel Guide editors’ five favorite Albuquerque food experiences, from local treats to farm-fresh.
1. Green chile. This distinct locally grown chili pepper is the most important in Albuquerque. You must try it, flame-roasted and cut into chunks, in the form of a green-chile cheeseburger — maybe at a local chain like Blake’s. Green chile also makes a great pizza topping, especially with ham or pepperoni.
2.Red chile. This is the same green chili pepper, just ripened, dried and ground up. And seems to a second favorite in the region. Try it in carne adovada, pork stewed with red chile until it’s a rich, red sauce.
3. Taco de harina. To start your day the Albuquerque way, have a taco de harina, or breakfast burrito — a flour tortilla filled with scrambled eggs, bacon and hash browns, then topped with your choice of red or green chile sauce.
4. Sopaipilla. These little pillows of fried dough are typically served with main dishes at New Mexican restaurants, but you should hold off and have one for dessert, drizzled with honey.
5. Local wine. New Mexico’s vineyards have been producing wine since the early 1600s — making it the oldest wine industry in North America. Be sure to stop by a local winery (Gruet Winery is one of the most famous) in the North Valley for some delicious and historic vino.

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