What is the best thing to bring home from Albuquerque?

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The best things to bring home from Albuquerque are handmade items from American Indian craftsmen. Silver and turquoise jewelry comes in both traditional and more modern styles, as do hand-woven rugs and pottery are easy to find as well. Cooks may especially like locally made heavy pots for stovetop cooking — great for beans. If you’ve gotten hooked on chile while you’re in town, you can bring some of that home, too. Dried red whole chile pods keep their flavor longest; as for green chile, it’s typically sold frozen in pint containers (including at the Frontier restaurant).

Natalie Wearstler

The best thing to bring home from Albuquerque is a lovely, handmade piece of turquoise jewelry. Earrings, rings, bracelets and necklaces fashioned with this semiprecious stone can be found practically everywhere in town — and half the fun of procuring your piece is looking through all of the different styles on display in jewelry stores and in Old Town Albuquerque's open-air market. Keep in mind that most prices are negotiable, especially if you fall in love with a piece of jewelry that's being sold by the artist who made it. However, it's also wise to educate yourself about the right questions to ask a seller (such as, "Is this natural turquoise?" or "Is it stabilized?") before you start the hunt. A low-quality turquoise charm can be hard to spot for the untrained eye. It can also be just as beautiful as a higher-quality bauble, but it certainly shouldn't cost as much.

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