What are the five best Algarve food experiences?

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Gillian White

Due to Algarve’s proximity to the ocean, seafood is accessible and especially popular at local eateries. But the Portugal region has more than just treats from the sea. Here are Forbes Travel Guide’s five food experiences that any visitor to Algarve should partake in:
1. Squid. Given its proximity to the coast, there’s an abundance of amazingly fresh seafood available throughout Algarve. If you want to try one of the most popular menu items in the region, settle down at a crowd-pleasing seaside restaurant like A Sagres and order a plate of tender squid.
2. Pudim flan. A creamy caramel flan similar to the egg custards popular throughout Portugal, Pudim flan is available both at local pastry shops and many Portuguese restaurants in the region.
3. Chicken piri-piri. One of the most popular dishes in Algarve, chicken piri-piri is essentially chicken in a spicy sauce, which usually includes chili flakes and a variety of other spices. Available at many locations in Algarve, some consider the chicken piri-piri at A Rampa in Monchique the best around.
4. Honey cake. A local cake popular in both Sagres and Lagos, honey cake is usually served moist and dense.
5. Caldo verde. In English, the name caldo verde means green broth. This popular Portuguese dish — typically made with potatoes, onions and kale or collard greens — is on the menu of most traditional Portuguese restaurants. Don’t miss it.

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