What are the best places in Amman to try a hookah?

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Dalia Hatuqa
  • Dalia Hatuqa

  • Correspondent

  • Ramallah, Palestine, Middle East

You’ll find that hookah — the sinuous water pipe used to smoke flavored tobacco — is known by many names in Amman: argeeleh, nargileh, shisha. Whatever you call it, the hookah is a favorite amongst Ammanis. Many cafes and lounges have sprouted across the city to serve this ritual that involves smoking flavored tobacco though a waterpipe. But two cafes mostly stand out. Jafra’s relaxed atmosphere is inviting and on many nights it hosts live music, whereas TcheTche has more than ten cafes scattered across the city and offers a wide range of tobacco flavors. Rainbow Street is packed full with hookah-serving cafes; be sure to choose one with a patio for people-watching and a great view of downtown.

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