What are the best things to do with kids in Amman?

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Dalia Hatuqa
  • Dalia Hatuqa

  • Correspondent

  • Ramallah, Palestine, Middle East

The hsitoric and modern city of Amman might seem like a place that’s more appealing to adults than young visitors. But you’ll find that children are quite welcome. Here are Forbes Travel Guide editors’ five favorite things to do with kids in Amman:
1. Visit the Children’s Museum. The brainchild of Jordanian Queen Rania, this museum is home to dozens of interactive exhibits about humans, nature and technology. Your kids can shop at a mock supermarket, generate wind power at the energy lab, or pretend to be mechanics or construction workers.  
2. Stroll down Rainbow Street. The kids will enjoy visiting Rainbow Street, a popular destination for families, and a hub of cafes, stores and the site of the famous Friday market called Souk Jara. This outdoor flea market is endlessly fascinating and your kids will especially want to see the honey vendor with his special bee display.
3. Visit a kid-friendly restaurant. For a food experience that’s definitely kid-friendly, make your way to Casereccio where your kids can make their own pizza with healthy whole wheat dough. Follow it up with a visit to Café Graffiti where your kids can channel their inner Picasso by drawing on the walls while you have coffee and a homemade dessert.
4. Take a walk in the park. You’ll want to plan a day trip to the King Hussein Park, a huge landscaped garden filled with swings and slides. It’s also home to the Royal Automobile Museum, which displays the late king’s extensive car collection. Your kids will get to see a replica of the world’s first car as well as some classic Cadillacs.
5. Explore Kan Zaman. Just down Airport Road you’ll find Kan Zaman, a walled village replica housing a restaurant, bric-a-brac shops and workshops where your kids can see glass being blown into bottles and carpets being woven.

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