What are the five best Antigua food experiences?

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McLean Robbins

Antigua is a land of simple island fare, specializing in fresh fish, fruits and vegetables. You’ll find foods and cooking styles similar to those found on many other Caribbean islands, including jerk seasonings and lots of rice and pasta sides, as well as sweet and savory side dishes such as beans or plantains. Here are just a few of the best dining experiences on Antigua.

1. Local rum. Antigua’s own English Harbour rum, a local and Caribbean favorite, is made at the only on-island distillery. Try it alone or mixed into a classic drink, like a Dark ‘N’ Stormy.

2. Susie’s hot sauce. Cult-favorite condiment Susie’s, which is made with local peppercorns, is a great treat to take home. Find it in restaurants and shops around the island.

3. Fungie. The national dish of Antigua is fungie (sometimes spelled fungi), and it’s an enticing pepper pot usually made with okra and cornmeal, sometimes served with fish or beef.

4. Big Banana pizza. Be sure to try Big Banana pizza, a local island chain favorite – locals swear it’s as good as New York style pizza (we’re not so sure), but it’s definitely a simple, tasty treat, with two airport locations.

5. Tamarind juice. You’ll want to try the local tamarind juice, a sweet dark juice that tastes excellent over ice or mixed with local rum.

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