What five words would you use to describe the style of The Little Nell?

Answers from Our Experts (1)

The design style of The Little Nell can be described in these five words: relaxed, residential, friendly, casual and unpretentious.

Its overall style comes through not only in its design, but in its general attitude. Compared to most Forbes Travel Guide Five-Star hotels, its vibe is very relaxed — both in the way the staff approaches you and in the way you’ll conduct yourself around The Little Nell. It’s definitely a put-your-feet-up hotel with no requirements for attire.

Because each room at The Little Nell has its own individual quality, the hotel as a whole has a residential feel. No two guest rooms are exactly alike. Because of the building’s odd shape, all rooms have a slightly different layout and some variation in décor — whether it’s the color scheme or the books laid out on the coffee table.

The guest and staff interactions here can only be described as friendly. The lobby Living Room, restaurant and bar are all centrally located on the ground floor around the main entrance, encouraging a level of social interaction that might not be as common at a city hotel. It is also characteristic of Aspen locals to strike up a conversation with a total stranger without coming across as intrusive.

With both dogs and people lounging around The Little Nell’s lobby Living Room, the Aspen hotel sets the bar high for a casual experience. It is an anomaly among its luxury peers.

And on that same note, The Little Nell has an unpretentious atmosphere and attitude, which should disprove Aspen’s reputation for being a destination for the jet-setting elite alone.

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