What are five things to know about Chefs Club by FOOD & WINE?

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With so many elements changing each season at Chefs Club by FOOD & WINE, it’s important to understand the basic concept behind the innovative restaurant. Here are five things to know before you go:

1. The menu changes twice each year. The menu changes each time the restaurant welcomes four new chefs selected by FOOD & WINE magazine’s “best new chefs” competition. This means that if you go more than once, you’ll likely enjoy a new experience full of fresh takes on seasonal cuisine. For example, during the first winter season, chefs Matthew Lightner, Jenn Louis, Kevin Willmann and Jonathon Sawyer cooked in the Chefs Club kitchen.

2. There is an open kitchen. Perhaps the biggest focal point in the restaurant, second only to the large snowflake cutouts that span the ceiling, is the open kitchen where you can watch the chefs work. When booking your reservation, request a table near the kitchen for a more active experience.

3. There is no bar. If you want to imbibe before breaking bread, go to The St. Regis Aspen Resort’s Shadow Mountain Lounge, as there is no bar in the Chefs Club restaurant. Enjoy a bevy of cocktails, liquors and beers at Shadow Mountain while you nosh on premium snacks of wasabi peas and dried dates, but don’t fill up before dinner.

4. Special events occur often. Chefs Club has an active online event calendar where you can see what’s on during your visit. Events often roll through this restaurant, including coursed dinners with pairings or celebrity chef visits, so be sure to check frequently and reserve a table. You wouldn’t want to miss Michelin-starred chefs visiting from Paris, would you?

5. Shareable plates reign. Sharing is caring at Chefs Club by FOOD & WINE. Because the menu and chefs change so often, you’re going to want to try everything possible on the menu. Order several dishes for your party to taste and then order more if you like something in particular.

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