What is Aspen’s restaurant scene like?

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For a small Colorado mountain town, Aspen offers a world-renowned restaurant scene, giving top eateries in major cities a run for their money. It’s just as competitive as any metro area, almost to a fault. It’s not uncommon to receive directions to “where such-and-such used to be,” because the turnover of restaurants is so fast. That said, only the best survive and the number of options is surprising for such a remote area. Fresh food is flown in from both coasts, and chefs swear by the quality, since the airport is only three miles away. European, Japanese and American contemporary cuisines dominate the culinary scene. You’ll notice a glaring absence of ethnic food; there’s no Indian, Thai, Greek or anything Middle Eastern anywhere in town, other than a few inspired dishes. Despite the lack of ethnic eateries, you’ll find lots of great spots for a meal. If you’re ever unsure of what to order at an Aspen restaurant, heed our advice: When doing dinner in Colorado, you can never go wrong with beef.

Aspen’s restaurant scene is ever-changing. For such a small town, Aspen offers a dizzying array of dining options from gourmet to basic. Sandwich shops, BBQ joints and burger shacks offer quick and cheap meals, while other restaurants feature unique experiences alongside their cuisine, such as snowcat adventures and gondola rides. Aspen’s restaurant scene has something for everyone and every budget.

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