What should I pack for a trip to Aspen?

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When you are packing for trip to Aspen, you have to load up on cold-weather essentials. Don’t worry: It’s not all function over fashion. The nice thing about Aspen is you can get as dolled up as you want, but it’s not mandatory. When it comes to fashion, anything goes. When it comes to function, the mountain climate demands you be prepared.

1. Layers. The weather in Colorado is about as easy to predict as the future, so packing layers — preferably waterproof/breathable ones — is key: A Gore-Tex shell and a fleece jacket are necessary year round.

2. Comfy shoes. You’ll need a pair of sturdy, comfortable shoes to walk around town, especially in winter, when the sidewalks are buried in ice and snow.

3. Sun protection. Because of Aspen’s high altitude and proximity to the sun, sunscreen is a must and so are sunglasses. If you ski without eye protection, you run the risk of suffering from cornea burn, which will certainly put a damper on your vacation.

4. Designer duds. For nighttime fun, follow the locals’ dress code: Ladies love their designer jeans paired with dressy shoes and a blouse.

5. A dressy shirt. When dressing for a night out, men go for the designer duds, too, and a nice shirt is appropriate. But there’s also a surplus of baseball-hat-wearing dudes in T-shirts with three-day stubble. As we said, anything goes.

Packing for Aspen depends heavily upon the season you plan to travel. In winter, pack lots of layers including a warm jacket. Be prepared for snow; jackets with a hood are helpful, as are warm gloves, hats and scarves. Also, be sure to pack appropriate footwear. In the winter, streets are packed with snow, so a good pair of boots is a must if you plan to walk around town. In summer, days can be warm, but be prepared for cooler nights. It’s not uncommon for summer nights to dip into the 30s, so bring a jacket. Also, afternoon thunderstorms can come to town in the summer, so be sure to bring raingear on any hikes or outdoor adventures.

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