Where can I go to watch sports in Aspen?

Answers from Our Experts (2)

Aspen’s dive bars and sports bars are a dying breed because of high rent in the downtown core (that just keeps getting higher despite a slowed economy). What’s left are slim pickings. Locals love Zane’s, in all its dingy, stale-beer-smelling, greasy-food-serving glory, so it’s always packed and buzzing with energy during big games. Little Annie's is another local mainstay — its cozy bar and down-home atmosphere make it the perfect spot for a beer, a burger and watching the game on TV. The Red Onion is Aspen’s oldest bar, and even though it almost went away, it has been resurrected and is still home for the beer-drinking, sports-watching crowd to congregate and get loud.

Most sports are best observed in person in Aspen (or better yet, participated in); but if a sports bar is what you’re after, Zane’s Tavern is a great place to catch the game. (Red Onion)Wagner Park, located in the heart of Aspen, is the place to watch the Gentlemen of Aspen rugby team compete, and check out Koch Park for volleyball, as well as the Mother Lode Volleyball Tournament each fall. Play or watch bocce ball at Ajax Tavern, and don’t forget to catch the Winter X Games at Buttermilk, the World Cup on Aspen Mountain or one of the dozens of other sporting events Aspen boasts year-round.

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