Which Aspen restaurants are best for brunch?

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There’s nothing better than brunch to take care of that hangover after a night of discovering why Aspen is such a party town. Here are the five best spots to nosh for brunch:

1. Hickory House. If you’re in desperate need to nurse that hangover, there’s no better place to do it in Aspen than at the Hickory House, the town’s only true greasy spoon, where barbecue and brunch go hand in hand, especially if you can stomach a rack of ribs with your eggs.

2. Main Street Bakery. The Main Street Bakery, housed in an old Victorian at Main and Aspen Street, has much more than baked goods. Go there for its wide selection of yummy egg breakfast creations, such the So Cal omelet or the huevos rancheros — just make sure you get there before noon and are patient with the sometimes painfully slow service. Your best bet is to sit at one of the two community tables; for some reason, the waitstaff likes that and you might get out of there a little quicker.

3. Poppycock’s. If you sleep past noon, Poppycock’s is one of the few places in town still serving brunch items (unless it’s the weekend, then head over to Ajax Tavern for the Bloody Bar), including smoothies and a slew of stomach-satisfying egg dishes, such as eggs Benedict and build-your-own omelets.

4. Peach’s. If you’re short on time go to Peach’s, the always-busy café. At East Hopkins and Galena, it offers the best outdoor tables in town and prime people-watching. In addition to espresso drinks, it’s created a solid menu of fresh, healthy breakfast items — we love the farm-fresh egg served on toasted French bread with sautéed spinach and mushrooms.

On Sundays, Ajax Tavern offers a fantastic build your own Bloody Mary, as well as brunch selections like duck confit hash and sweet potato pancakes. Montagna’s Sunday brunch is a classic choice, with favorites like lemon-ricotta pancakes and drunken donut holes served with a trio of dipping sauces. Mid-week, Main Street Bakery and Poppycock’s are other brunch favorites in town.

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Aspen isn’t a very big brunch town (except for the big hotel buffets). Instead, I recommend doing breakfast at one of these spots:

1. Hickory House

2. Poppycock’s

3. Main St. Bakery & Café

4. The Little Nell

5. Jour De Fête.

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