What are the five best Athens food experiences?

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Marissa Tejada

Greeks love food and they love to share it — and Athens is the place to have all kinds of food experiences unique to the country. Here, according to our Forbes Travel Guide editors, are the five best food experiences in Athens:
1. Greek fast food. Souvlakia is the ultimate Greek fast food. It consists of pita sandwiches garnished with sauce and fried potatoes. Other fast food options include deliciously grilled skewered meats.
2. A taverna experience. Not to be confused with a tavern, a taverna is a traditional Greek restaurant that serves Greek appetizers and main dishes that are meant for sharing.
3. A unique ice cream. Kaimaki is a creamy white ice cream that gets its unique flavor from gum mastic (or mastiha) — an ingredient found only in Greece — and salep, which is a powder from orchid plants. 
4. Zaxaroplasteio. The Greek word translates to sugar factory, but it’s actually more like a Greek sweet shop. Zaxaroplasteio is where you’ll find loads of creamy chocolate cakes, Greek cookies and traditional desserts like baklava.
5. Seafood by the sea. Find a fish taverna near the sea and order what they’ve caught for the day. Dishes grilled or fried are always served with fresh lemon and Greek olive oil.

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