What are five things I should know about Barnsley Resort?

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Barnsley Resort isn’t like most hotels that you might have visited, so here are five things you should know about what makes it so special:

1. History. A museum at Barnsley Resort highlights the history of the resort. According to staff members and literature at the museum, the grounds here were once owned by businessman Godfrey Barnsley of Liverpool, England. He built an Italian-style mansion on the property in the late 1840s, which included such luxuries as marble from Italy and France and furnishings from around the world. During the Civil War, Barnsley’s home was ransacked by Union troops and was the site of a small battle on May 18, 1864. Barnsley’s heirs lived in the mansion until the roof was blown off by a tornado in 1906. They moved into the building next to it and the mansion eventually fell to ruins. The historic red-brick ruins of the mansion were restored in the 1980s and now host many special events, such as weddings corporate events.
2. Andrew Jackson Downing. The mansion and original gardens next to it were inspired by 1800s landscape architect Andrew Jackson Downing. Once the editor of Horticulturist Magazine, Downing is considered to be the father of American landscape architecture by scholars. He was a proponent of Italian and gothic revival architecture.
3. Special names. Some of the names of the more modern buildings at Barnsley Resort pay tribute to its history. For instance, Godfrey cottage is named after Godfrey Barnsley and Julia cottage is named after his wife. The Woodlands Grill is named after Barnsley’s former plantation, known as the Woodlands. Fugger cabin was named after Prince Hubertus Fugger. He purchased the estate in the 1980s and restored it.

4. Literature. Famed Southern author and journalist Kathryn Tucker Windham wrote a series of ghost story books, including 1973’s 13 Georgia Ghosts and Jeffrey, which features Barnsley Resort. Her stories about ghosts and living in the South earned her many accolades during her life, including recognition on National Public Radio’s All Things Considered.
5. Golf course designer. The golf course at Barnsley Resort was designed by Jim Fazio, who has more than 40 years creating award-winning courses worldwide. Fazio’s golf course has some of the fastest greens in the Southeast and caters to golfers with any skill level.

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