What are the five best things about Barnsley Resort?

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There are many reasons to stay at Barnsley Resort, from its slew of activities to the friendly staff. Here are the best things about the luxury hotel:

1. History. The resort's property was once home to Cherokee Indians, a wealthy businessman from Liverpool, England and then eventually purchased by a wealthy Bavarian prince. Barnsley Resort is filled with stories of romance, lost love and the Civil War, and the restoration and rebirth of the property as a luxury resort. A museum next to the ruins has a display of artifacts that highlight the resort's interesting history and it's worth spending some time there.

2. Location. Barnsley Resort is very accessible. Located in the scenic foothills of the Blue Ridge Mountains, it's only a short drive from Atlanta; Birmingham, Alabama; or Chattanooga, Tennessee.

3. Staff. The Barnsley Resort staff is very friendly and is uncompromising in their pursuit toward providing excellent customer service. Even the savviest of travelers will appreciate the authentic Southern hospitality this resort has to offer.

4. Accommodations. Barnsley Resort offers numerous luxurious accommodations, including guestrooms, suites and private cottages. Each sleeping quarter is adorned with a fireplace and decorated with either a European or American Victorian style. The landscaping and architecture around the residences resemble a 19th-century village.

5. Amenities. You will never run out of things to see and do at this luxury resort. The friendly staff is more than happy to assist with planning activities. Among other things, you can play a round of golf, go for a horseback ride, hike through 12 miles of scenic trails, kayak or canoe; or relax at the spa and the pool. Dine at one of Barnsley Resort's two restaurants or enjoy a pint of beer at the Beer Garden. Springbank Plantation at Barnsley Resort offers numerous hunting packages from which to choose. Looking for a more relaxed pace? Spend quiet time taking a stroll through the resort's gardens or relaxing in one of many outdoor comfortable chairs and hammocks.

Michael Gordon

Among our many unique features, the five best things about Barnsley Resort are:

1. The location. We’re just a short drive from Atlanta; Chattanooga, Tenn.; and Birmingham, Ala., but we’re enough out of the way that guests feel like they’ve traveled a great distance.

2. Our staff. We strive to have the friendliest, most attentive staff possible.

3. Our history. The history of our property, from its conception as a private estate in the 1840s to the construction of the resort itself in the 1990s, is filled with stories of love, loss, mystery and rebirth. This history adds an extra dimension to our guests’ romance with the resort. People come here to be with their loved ones and end up falling in love with this place.

4. The natural surroundings. With manicured English parterres and borders, shaded woodland paths and bamboo groves, you are sure to find a spot that speaks to you. Beware the hammocks, however — they are like time machines. Minutes turn into hours if you aren’t careful.

5. The amenities. We have so many to choose from that there is something for everyone.

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