What five words describe the style of Barnsley Resort?

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The English-style cottages of Barnsley Resort are arranged like a small pedestrian village, with fire pits and magnolia trees accenting the spaces in between. Overall, the welcoming grounds can be as private or as communal as you want them to be, but here are the words that best describe the luxury hotel:

1. Historic. Guests at Barnsley Resort will feel a sense of history while exploring the ruins of the former Barnsley mansion and the museum and gardens next to it. The long and romantic history of Godfrey Barnsley’s love for his wife Julia will enhance your appreciation of the beautiful garden and European-influenced setting.
2. Natural. Fans of the great outdoors will appreciate the natural setting of the resort. Its location in the foothills of the Blue Ridge Mountains creates endless opportunities for outdoor activities. Play a round of golf, go for a hike, ride a bike, go horseback riding; or canoe and kayak on property. The friendly staff at the resort can help you arrange any of these, or other outdoor adventures.
3. Private. Barnsley Resort is tucked away on 3,300 acres and offers numerous spots where you can peacefully seek solitude and refuge. The secluded comfort of Barnsley Resort creates an atmosphere of privacy and restoration for your mind and body.
4. Relaxed. You are far away from the hustle and bustle of city life at this county resort in the rural foothills of the Blue Ridge Mountains. There are endless ways to unwind in this little slice of heaven. Choose to relax at the spa, play a round of golf, or take a quiet stroll along a wooded path. Inside guest rooms, cozy fireplaces and comfortable Simmons luxury mattress beds will help you drift into a peaceful state of mind.
5. Elegant. All guest rooms, suites or private cottages, as well as Barnsley Resort’ restaurants and public buildings, are elegantly decorated with a European country or an American Victorian style. Enjoy the lavish furnishings and decorative elements including pine flooring, detailed woodwork, handpicked artwork and wood-burning fireplaces throughout the property.

Michael Gordon

The five words that best describe the style of Barnsley Resort are:

1. Elegant. The attention to detail and European styling of our resort lends it an old-fashioned elegance.

2. Relaxed. Our use of warm, casual fabrics and whimsical decorative touches temper luxury with a sense of coziness. Yes, we want our resort to be beautiful and upscale, but at the same time we want our guests to feel at home while here.

3. Natural. We designed our buildings and gardens to blend in with the natural surroundings, according to the design principles of Andrew Jackson Downing. Downing is credited with the popularization of the front porch — he believed it was the link between the home and nature — and you’ll find that “porching” is an art form here at Barnsley Resort.

4. Peaceful. With a small number of accommodations and 3,300 beautiful acres, we average more than 17 acres per guest. One of the first things a guest typically notices is just how quiet it is here.

5. Romantic. Barnsley Resort is one of the most romantic locations in Georgia for a reason: Not only are our accommodations more private (due to their location in cottages, rather than an inn) and loaded with romantic features like wood-burning fireplaces, but our very existence is the result of a great love story. Englishman Godfrey Barnsley built the original estate for his American wife, Julia, who died before its completion. Barnsley finished the grounds after her death as a testament to their love. Those same gardens, plus the ruins of the home he built for her, are now one of the most sought-after locations for marriage proposals and weddings in the Southeast.

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