What is the design style of Barnsley Resort?

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The design style of Barnsley Resort has a long history. In the 1840s, Godfrey Barnsley purchased some 4,000 acres where Barnsley Resort is now located. He purchased this land in hopes of building a large mansion on it for his beloved wife, Julia. When Julia died from an illness in 1845, Barnsley halted construction of the home. After a short period of time, Barnsley claimed Julia’s spirit instructed him to finish the estate for their children and future ancestors. In 1848, the estate and gardens, inspired by famed landscape architect Andrew Jackson Downing, were completed. Andrew Jackson Downing was a proponent of Italian and gothic revival architecture and Barnsley’s estate reflected that style.
In 1942, descendants of the Godfrey and Julia Barnsley auctioned off the estate. The property stayed in a state of disrepair and ruins until Prince Hubertus Fugger purchased, developed and expanded it in the 1980s. Fugger designed Barnsley Resort, as it looks today, with Downing’s style in mind. The resort contains 37 luxury guest room cottages and 12 public buildings that resemble a 19th-century village. The décor is a European country style or American Victorian, depending on the building.

Michael Gordon

The writings of Andrew Jackson Downing inspired the design of Barnsley Resort, where the landscaping and architecture resemble a 19th-century village. The village, as we refer to the main portion of the resort, includes 37 guestroom cottages and 12 public buildings that reflect an Old World attention to detail, with reclaimed pine flooring, detailed woodwork, soaring ceilings and wood-burning fireplaces. Similarly, the décor ranges from European country to American Victorian, depending on the building’s design and function. There is also a touch of rustic Appalachian influence here and there, and we have two restored 1840s cabins at our resort. Regardless, you’ll find our interiors to be warm and inviting, with residential-style furnishings, handpicked artwork and estate collection accessories.

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