What are the best amenities at TWELVE Centennial Park?

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There are various great amenities at TWELVE Centennial Park, but here’s our list of the five best at the hotel:

1. Rooftop pool. The large seventh floor rooftop pool offers great views, especially at night when the city is lit-up. The pool is large and a perfect spot to relax, whether you get in the water or not — there are plenty of lounge chairs and tables with chairs so you can read or enjoy some lunch.

2. Fitness center. The fitness center, which overlooks the pool, offers all the equipment you need to maintain your workout on the road. There are treadmills, bikes and ellipticals from Life Fitness along with free weights and circuit training equipment along with a separate space with yoga balls and mats for floor work.

3. Full-sized appliances in the kitchens. Unlike other hotels where you get a small wet bar, this hotel offers a spacious kitchen with full-size appliances including a refrigerator, stove, dishwasher and microwave. It’s ideal for families who want to save money by cooking on their own or just those on extended stays.

4. GHOST. This online system, which you’ll find on the computer in your guest room, is how you order room service, snacks and any items you might have forgotten at home. Of course, you can take the old-fashioned route and just call the staff, but this is TWELVE’s new and improved way of doing things to make it easier on you. And you can also use the system to look up nearby attractions and even map out a jogging route.

5. ROOM at TWELVE. The sleek and contemporary restaurant and lounge, located off the lobby, which overlooks Peachtree Street, offers modern steakhouse fare, along with sushi and specialty cocktails. Whether you’re heading in for breakfast, dinner or just a cocktail, it’s worth a stop.

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