What are the best farmers markets in Atlanta?

Answers from Our Experts (2)

DeKalb Farmers Market. I like that place. And I use the Whole Foods on Ponce a lot. DeKalb is a big farmers market. I go there once or twice a month, at least.

We find ourselves up at Peachtree Farmers Market. I certainly love Morningside. That’s probably the one I frequent the most, since that’s close to my house. They have a lot of vendors there that I use in the restaurant. So it’s nice to go up there and see Crystal Organics or Riverview Farms selling the same stuff to everyone else. It’s fun. I live pretty much right on Piedmont Park. Piedmont Market is nice as well, even though there’s not usually a lot of food there; it has more crafty artisan, prepared stuff. I love Buford Highway Farmer’s Market. I love any sort of international market, really, anywhere in the world. I love Star Provisions. I think it’s a great example. It’s expensive, but there’s definitely a certain feel and vibe in there, and they procure some interesting stuff. To be a good cook or a good chef, the first thing you need to do is shop well. I love Star Provisions whether I’m buying a handbag for my wife or a bottle of French vinegar. It’s a pretty special place for Atlanta.

That being said, I like to find the international aisle at any market. Even Whole Foods now has some unique stuff in the international section. You can even find clarified butter. Everyone knows how to make clarified butter, but it’s kind of a pain, to be honest — it takes a long time, and it’s expensive. But if you can find a jar of it, called ghee, in the Indian section of the supermarket — those are the little tips that I love sharing with the home cook. Those are actually a lot of the things that help me cook better on TV when I’m competing or presenting. To be able to just travel with a jar of clarified butter rather than take two to three hours to make it.

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