What are the best makeup stores in Atlanta?

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Dana Hazels Seith
Courtesy of (Plá) Beauty

Thankfully, getting dolled up in Atlanta doesn’t require a lot of running around. A lady usually requires everything to make her pout perfect and lashes bat worthy. Here are my picks for the best spots to stock up on things to make you stunningly beautiful. 

Woo Skincare and Cosmetics. The spot in the Peachtree Battle shopping center is a beauty junkie’s paradise. From the local companies like my favorite lipgloss from (Plá) Beauty, to global brands like Laura Mercier, Woo Skincare and Cosmetics carries it all. In addition to its stellar makeup selection, Woo also offers a full-menu of spa services and gives one of the best facials in town.

While Woo is our favorite, national chains like Sephora (located in both Lenox Square and Perimeter Mall) and Ulta (two locations within the Perimeter), are convenient one-stop shops carrying everything from aisles of eyeshadow to the perfect shade of blush.

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