What should I pack for a trip to Atlanta?

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Atlanta enjoys four seasons, with summer being the most extreme, but barring a few chilly days of the year, you can take to the outdoors without much trouble.

In fall and spring, pack light layers to adjust to the temperatures. Southerners are known for their hospitality, but also their propriety: You may want to incorporate a few dressy pieces for dinner.

The summer sun will scorch you so pack along UV protection, sunglasses and hats, especially if you plan an outdoorsy day at Stone Mountain.

Atlanta is not the most pedestrian-friendly city, so bring a GPS to ease your driving between touring. Don’t neglect good walking shoes, though, as you’ll still be hopping from place to place once you land on a neighborhood.

SEC fans should pack a blanket for a game as evenings can get chilly in the fall. If there’s not room in your suitcase, opt for a warm jacket.

Atlanta’s history, culture and natural beauty are calling on you not to forget to bring your camera. Whether it’s a separate device or on your phone, have it charged with lots of memory to add to your own.

Kelley L. Carter

They don't call it Hotlanta without good reason!
Now that we're in the thick of the summer -- humid, hot and sweltering on good days -- you'll want to make sure that you're prepared for this extreme heat that often comes with intense rain showers. In July, you'll want to pack for outdoor weather -- strappy maxi dresses, flowy skirts and tanks for women, cargo shorts and polo shirts for men -- but you'll want to bring shawls, light sweaters and denim jackets for the frigid indoor A/C temps. Many restuarants and hotels and indoor spaces accommodate guests suffering from the uber heat that they're experiencing outside; bringing something to toss over your shoulders will help immensely to keep the chill off.

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