Should visitors rent a car in Auckland?

Answers from Our Experts (1)

Nicky Park

The need to hire a car depends on how long you’re planning on staying in Auckland. A couple of days in the city (stay tuned for my whirlwind 48 hours in Auckland blog) and everything is accessible by foot, bus or boat. The greatest distance you will need to travel will be the 30 minutes (or so) from the airport to your hotel – but there are stacks of cabs waiting to take you downtown.

However, if you’ve got a week or more in the City of Sails, it’s handy, and cost effective, to hire a set of wheels. You will be able to get out to some of my favourite restaurants and attractions without the additional cost of a cab.

Plus, New Zealand’s North Island is small and Auckland is centrally located, so road trips are popular, easy and fun. A few hours on the road and you’ll find yourself taking in a whole new region of New Zealand. My favourite spots are the popular coastal community of the Coromandel, hippy beachside retreat, Raglan, and a few hours further up, the beautiful Northland area.

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