What are the best adventure outings in Auckland?

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Nicky Park

New Zealand prides itself on catering to the thrill seeker so adventurous activities are a Kiwi specialty. While the South Island is better known for getting the blood pumping, there’s still action up north. Here are my picks of Auckland adventures:

1. Canyoning in the Waitakere Ranges: About an hours drive out of Auckland lies the beautiful Waitakere Ranges. There’s plenty to do out there on your own, however, there are guided day trips that will have you abseiling down waterfalls, jumping off cliffs, crawling through holes and swimming to safety. It’s one of the most rewarding adventures that I’ve ever done and well worth checking out. There's also cool night time canyoning adventures out on the west coast. You'll arrive just in time to see the sun setting then be guided by just the glow worms and your head lamp. Check out more here.

2. Scaling the Sky Tower: There’s plenty to do on, in and around the soaring Sky Tower, but the best of the adventures I reckon is the SkyWalk. All rigged up, you are led around a 1.2m wide walkway that circles the SkyTower, 192m off the ground. There’s no handrails and it can get really windy up there. Your bravery is rewarded with panoramic views of Auckland city and I recommend purchasing the cool pictures of your time up there.

3. Jumping off the Harbour Bridge: Bungy jumping is a must-do in Auckland (if you have the guts). Kiwis boast the fact that they are the brains behind this spine-tingling activity so it’s worth adding to your bucket list. In Auckland, the best place to give it a go is off the iconic Auckland Harbour Bridge. The first bungy off the bridge happened back in 1987 when the activity’s inventor, AJ Hackett, leapt off. He was detained by police. However, in 2003 he took over the Harbour Birdge Climb and added the bungy element.

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