What are the best food gifts to buy in Auckland?

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Nicky Park

A lot of the best New Zealand food is stuff that's made fresh on the ground - seafood, pies and the traditional Maori hangi. However, customs won't be too happy to open your suitcase and find a pound of snapper or six mince and cheese pies. So the next best thing you can do is purchase a cookbook of Kiwi food. Head to Whitcoulls, a massive bookstore on Queen Street, and ask them to direct you to the Kiwi culinary section. Look out for something by Annabel Langbein, Simon Gault or a MasterChef winner.

The classic Kiwi sweet is a bag of Pineapple Lumps. Eat them straight from the bag or pop them in the freezer before you gobble them up. Take a bag home, if you don't open the treats before landing you shouldn't have any problems clearing them through customs.

It might not be a typical take away from New Zealand, but I think it's worth trying and buying a bottle of Kaitia Fire. It's locally brewed hot sauce that ups the anti of any dish. Or, if you can get yourself out to Clevedon Farmers Markets pick up some home-made goodies to take back.

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