What are the best waterfront restaurants in Auckland?

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Nicky Park

Auckland’s harbourside is lined with plenty of eating options and dining at one of them should be on your to-do list. Here are my favourite three right at this moment:

The Foodstore: This is fresh feeling establishment committed to all New Zealand food. It’s a great, sun-drenched spot in the Viaduct, with a cool, lush interior and friendly service. The menu is small, but perfectly formed for a taste of NZ.

Botswana Butchery: This is a plush eatery nestled under the clock tower, by the ferry terminal in the CBD. The staff offer outstanding wine matches and it's worth noting that the grand chairs here are some of the most comfortable I’ve sat in to eat a steak. Book a table down there and ask the waiter to bring you a taste of the South Island.

Soul Bar: I’ve written about this sexy place before. Grab a table outside, spy on the city of sails and soak up the last of the day’s rays. It’s an old favourite by the Viaduct, with a fine dining vibe that avoids being stuffy.

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