What are quirky local customs in Austin?

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Veronica Meewes

Austin has several quirky customs that continue year after year.

The first that comes to mind occurs every Sunday at Ginny’s Little Longhorn on Burnet Road. Folks line up for a raffle ticket with a number so that they can drink Lone Star, two step to country music, and snack on chili dogs until a chicken relieves itself on the lucky winner’s number.  Ah, Texas!

Every spring, throngs of people gather in Pease Park to celebrate Euyore’s birthday with body paint, bongo drums, and beads. In case you were wondering, this is in fact a family-friendly event.. and proceeds do go to charity!

Around Easter every year, there is a pet costume parade down South Congress to benefit Austin Pets Alive, an animal rescue group. One recent theme was drag in honor of Leslie Cochran, a local legacy known for baring it all around town.

Despite its status as an unofficial city landmark, the Cathedral of Junk owners have gone through somewhat of a struggle with city permits in recent years. Now that the issue has been resolved, they’ve opened back up to to public and are just as junky as ever!

In late March, the Honk!TX Festival celebrates street bands with various performances and parades all throughout the city.

On any given night, you might encounter a sea of blinkie lights as a massive group of bikers whiz by. In addition to large group rides organized by Critical Mass and the Thursday Night Social Riders, smaller groups are constantly congregating for spontaneous social rides which usually end at eastside bars.

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