What are some things to know before visiting Austin?

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Veronica Meewes

Before visiting Austin this time of year (June through September), you should first and foremost be aware that it is HOT. Pack accordingly: leave the pants at home, but do remember a cardigan of some sort (because establishments tend to crank up the A/C until you’re shivering inside).

Austin is a fairly casual city, so there’s no need to get too overdone to go anywhere. You’ll spot a good amount of diners wearing shorts and flip flops even in high-end establishments like Jeffrey’s and Uchiko. In fact, Restaurant Jezebel might be one of the only places in town with a jacket requirement (and they will provide one). It’s always a good idea to bring one nicer outfit, but no need to break out the cufflinks.

Compared to larger cities, the public transportation in Austin leaves much to be desired (in my opinion). There is a bus system, which is not the most reliable, and a light rail with very limited hours and stations. Cabs are your best bet, and those could really add up over an extended stay. I’d recommend renting a car to truly see the city, while also maintaining the freedom to take day trips outside of town. That being said, it is certainly possible to find a central place to stay and plan on hoofing it around town-- but be prepared to sweat!

The weekly Austin Chronicle (found online or at the door of most stores) is the best paper to pick up for a listing of current events and show listings. Chances are, you’ll find at least several shows that are of interest to you-- this is the “capital of live music,” after all. But don’t rule out everything but touring headliners you could catch in your own city-- give the local acts a listen too!

And, lastly, remember that our slogan is “keep Austin weird”-- don’t be surprised if you spot a naked pedicabber or a random group of bar-hopping zombies in broad daylight. Anything is quite possible...

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